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About Me

​Hi, I'm Warner, and I'm the founder of Deckhand Seafoods. Since 1976, I've been working in Bristol Bay, Alaska as a fisheries biologist, commercial fisherman, fleet manager and now herring evangelist.

For decades, I've been perplexed at the lack of demand, aside from the Japanese kazunoko market, for Alaskan herring. No one eats Alaskan herring and it drives me crazy. It's abundant, nutritious, and oh, yeah, pretty tasty.

So, I began producing smoked, canned Togiak herring with the hopes to spark some interest in eating these oily fish. The Togiak fishery has, despite the huge abundance of herring, withered over the years, and perhaps this product can eventually generate some demand for Togiak herring. The fishermen, or those remaining, would love to see better markets.

This is a one-man crusade. My house is certified as a warehouse. That's my daughter on the label. On weekends, I'm up 'til midnight, gluing labels on cans. Friends know the menu in advance when they come for dinner..."oh, uh, more herring?"

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